Friday, April 25, 2014

I thought this only happens in movies!

Seriously? This actually really happens? ha ha This happen to me when Caleb was only a few months old. It came out as if it were pee, never new these things actually happen in real life. I might have lifted his butt too high or something idk ha ha but what a funny picture I have, to show him when he's older...

Caleb threw up on daddy while playing. ha ha too funny. There's been times where it got into his mouth. 
Hey it wasn't Caleb's fault he had just finished drinking some milk but daddy wouldn't listen.

& here's Caleb "what happen?" Oh how chubby he was!
Has anything like this happen to you guys? Would love to hear your stories!


  1. hahaha. That's so funny! One of my fears when my daughter was a baby was her spitting up in my mouth. Thankfully it never happened. One time she vomited and I reflexively shot my hand out and caught it in my hand before it hit the floor. :\ I wasn't even thinking. I've mostly gotten used to the gross stuff by now, but sometimes I still get a little grossed out by things.

    1. Haha! & Me too i'm pretty much used to it all now(=