Tuesday, March 10, 2015

VLOG #12 | French Toast, Creeper Alert! & Talking Tanning!

Hey beautiful guys and girls lol Hope you enjoy my VLOG#12 I seriously love vlogging! It makes me less lonely LOL I love you guys! You're all the sweetest and the best, I just love talking to you guys so much!

Affordable 5 in 1 Curing Wand Set | Bombay Hair♡

Ever wanted a good quality 5 in 1 curing wand set but all of them seemed a bit to over priced? Well after all the searching I did to find a wand set I liked I finally came across this affordable wand!! I'm seriously so excited I came across the Bombay hair website! Want to learn more about this wand set? Then make sure you watch this video!! ILY guys!

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VLOG #11 | Shopping, Chit Chat, & Q&A Video?

Hey everyone!! So I def noticed there were points where I did not really talk to you guys while I was filming oopsie! I'm slowly getting used to the whole vlogging thing, so its really like a learning process for me hahaha Hope you guy's still enjoyed this video thought & let me know if you guy's have any video request for me! Also I'm doing a Q&A video so don't forget to comment down below a question for me! all serious, random questions all work for me so yeah lol! LOVE YA My Love Bugs!

Pinterest Inspired | DIY Cherry Blossom Decor♡

Hey guys! Hope you all enjoy this Pinterest Inspired DIY! Its a super cute and easy diy room decor that you can also use as party decorations such as a graduation party, wedding or just a family gathering! Hope you get inspired! & don't forget to send me pictures if you decided to re create this diy, i'd love to see them! Love you ALL, my love bugs!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

VLOG #10 Exciting Announcement!!♡

I'm so grateful and so excited!! Thank you so so much for supporting my little channel lol & I'm still going to be grateful whether I win this competition or not! Best of luck to all the girls in this competition! Hope you guys enjoyed watching this mini vlog! & I hope all you guys go and VOTE for me! xxo

Here's the link to go VOTE for me, Beauty Guru Of The Month(February)  http://www.starcentralmagazine.com/beauty-gurus/2015/02/05/beauty-gurus-of-the-month-february-2015-edition/

You are able to vote again 24 hours after you have voted so make sure you keep on voting for me!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Lookbook | 2014 - 2015

I put together 3 outfits that I would wear for the winter! Thought i'd share them with you, with this small Winter Lookbook! Hope you enjoy & please don't forget to THUMBS UP THIS VIDEO!

((Which Outfit Was Your Favorite??))

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Silly Caleb

Caleb acting like a little goof ball LOL

Hahaha so funny my little man LOL